Hello and welcome to HowaGirlFigures.com! My name is Frances Delgado, I go by Dancing Queen here on the site and I’m a female figure collector, this tends to be a rarity since the market of anime figures is mainly geared towards men. I started collecting thinking only of my favorite characters when buying a figure, now it all comes down to quality of the sculpt, pose, face, paint, and my favorite character. I have well over 500+ figures in my collection. But don’t let the number of figures I own fool you, the #1 thing someone should think of when buying figures is “Quality not Quantity.”

I’ve been collecting figures since mid 2006 when I attended my first anime convention Anime Expo. I’ve been hooked on collecting figures ever since.

I currently am located in So-Cal, and while I do enjoy lots and lots of anime watching, figure collecting is what I spend the majority of my time on. I talk to everyone I know 24/7 about figures, It’s almost impossible to get me to shut up about new and interesting figures.

—Contact/Find me Online—

If you have any questions, would like to know about advertising on Howagirlfigures.com and would like to contact me, you can contact me at [email protected]. I check my e-mail all the time and even have it sent to my phone, so I’m pretty good and responding to people quickly. Also unless otherwise stated none of my figurines are for sale. sorry. You can also find me at these sites;

Facebook – My second home, you’ll find me posting pictures and writing what i feel are witty comments, It’ll fill up soon so add my fanpage for Howagirlfigures.com too!
Twitter – I as well live on twitter, another easy way to find me, I’ll spend hours replying to people so feel free to @mention me
Youtube – Don’t upload much, other than adorable videos of my cousin’s baby, but am planning on doing more interesting things here if you want to check me out!
Tumblr My own tumblr, it’s mostly Doctor Who, random figures, and bunnies.
MyFigureCollection.net – See more info on my figure collection and what what other figures other figure collectors like to own.

—About Hanako Sakae—

Hanako Sakae is my beloved mascot. It was a joint effort made between myself and the artist KawaiiClare. She did the drawing, I did the “oh what about hair like this, and what about a pose like this, and lets give her this kinda of seifuku and lets give her this color scheme.” But in the end KawaiiClare did the most of the work and I love her to pieces for it. I don’t have a back story for her yet, other than like me she loves figures? I’ll let you know once i come up with a sort of back story on Hanako. All posts regarding Hanako with more info can be found here!