Black List

The Black List, I’ve been meaning to do this list for quite some time. I always get asked “how do you spot a bootleg?” Well it’s not hard but then it’s not easy. Knowing what the original figure should look like and seeing a bootleg is easy for a figure collecting veteran such as myself. Yet it isn’t always so obvious to others. This page is going to have a list of known sells of bootlegs, whether online or a physical store.

*Note* Are you one of the stores linked here and you want to refute my accusation of you selling bootlegs? e-mail me at [email protected] If you can prove that the items are Licensed items or have cleaned up your act then I’ll consider removing you name.
This shop sells some horrible gashapons and cosplay items, most if not all are horrible quality bootleg items. Don’t buy from this shop!
Affiliated with 399animeshop, this store sells only the best in Naruto bootlegs… they also seem to do their best to promote you to download illegal manga scans as well as links to watching episodes illegally online. Don’t buy from this shop!
A Bona fide rip off of J-list is in fact a reliable non-bootleg seller but Otaku No Anime has had a horrible track record of terrible customer service, and also reports of taking payments for items and not shipping them out. Don’t buy from this shop!
They sell cosplays, Oppai Mouse pads and Dakimakuras at really cheap prices. But as mentioned before, if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. All the items are bootleg. When it comes to cosplays they aren’t good quality at all. They have a huge variety of Dakurakuras that don’t really “exist” as in that they aren’t licensed at all. When it comes to Dakimakuras it’s hard since even I own bootleg Dakimakuras. But if you see them and think they are legit you’re wrong!
I spotted their booth at Sakura con and it was FULL of bootleg merchandise, I’m not sure if Sakura con has an anti bootleg policy so I didn’t report them but even though I’ve never checked out their online store (which is horrible in design) I wouldn’t bother with them at all!
Update: I was contacted by the retailer asking me to remove them from this list. They state they are cleaning up their act, while they promised me they no longer sell bootlegs, I’ll remove them from this list when I see it for myself. If you do see them at a con, please feel free to take pictures and send them to me so we can see if they cleaned up their act or not!

Skyeyshop on
This shop on Amazon is selling so many bootlegs it’s not even funny. I don’t know how to report bootlegs on Amazon but I hope to find out and report them so hard!!  Avoid this shop, you might as well take all your money and burn it than give them any of your hard earned money!

Gift Whiz on
Another Amazon seller that is selling bootleg Anime figures. It’s sad to see that in the states has become so full of bootlegs, it’s hard for people who don’t know about bootlegs to avoid them when you have a big name like Amazon listing these items!
Was linked this site by a fan, oh wow, so many blatent bootlegs. When will they ever learn?

Otaku Hobbies
Otaku Hobbies Facebook
Another fan submission, this time all the way out in Chicago. Just looking on their site, the obvious bootlegs of Nendoroid Miku and Nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis. So terrible, avoid this place if you’re ever at a convention in the Chicago area!
Been seeing some STUPID people buying figures from them as they are SUPER CHEAP! However, they are ALL BOOTLEGS! AVOID THIS STORE!!


No longer carries counterfeit products. They have cleaned up their act and are all 100% legit! I spoke to the owner and he’s a great guy! Please buy from them and support legit shops!