Our apartment – 2016 NSFW

It's been not only a long time since I've posted here, but it has been a long time since I shared photos of my place. The last time you guys saw where I lived I was still living at home with my parents. It was back in 2012, so easily 4 years ago you saw my collection. Now you can see not only has my… [more]

Our apartment – 2016 NSFW Our apartment - 2016 NSFW

[Alter] – Melty Review

So since I've moved into my new apartment I still hadn't set up my photography studio. Seems work has me busier than I thought I would ever be, however I took some time this past weekend to set up my studio so I could take some photos of my latest purchase, Alter's 1/8th Melty from Shining Hearts. Now… [more]

[Alter] – Melty Review [Alter] - Melty Review

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW

Pre-ordered this figure the moment she was released for pre-order. I needed for for multiple reasons, she's sexy/half naked, plus while she's not Sora she reminds me of Sora from Yosuga no Sora! But she's Yuki from Maid Yome and she's pretty amazing. The only issue is her adorable mouth really looks… [more]

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW [Orchid Seed] - Yuki Review NSFW

Nendoroid Storage Container

I recently went on a trip to a magical place, The Container Store. Ok it's not really magical, but I happen to have discovered a love for organizing my home. I tend to prefer Ikea and Daiso but we went to The Container Store on a whim and I discovered this lovely storage container! I've been needing… [more]

Nendoroid Storage Container Nendoroid Storage Container

Code Geass Dub is TERRIBLE!!!

I don’t know if anyone knows but i hate, HATE WITH A PASSION, Johnny Yong Bosh. He sounds the same in every damn thing he does and this dub of Code Geass is just the same as all his other roles. I just saw the first episode of Code Geass online at AdultSwim.com and i have to admit, i hated every minute of it. Kallen sounds like a whinny bitch, C.C. Sounds too monotone, Lelouch sounds just… TERRIBLE! Rival sounds like he’s trying to be too damn cool. Shirley sounds like a dingbat (oh wait she is) but worse in this dub, Milly sounds like she’s in love with Lelouch. Orange-kun sounds like your generic bad guy, Suzaku sounds like a sissy. it’s easy to say that I don’t like dubs, if you honestly love anime why not watch it in its original form.

What made Code Geass worthy for me in reality was the seiyuu performances, Fukuyama Jun’s performance was what made me keep watching Code Geass. He is Lelouch! His performance embodied the character so well, it’s impossible for me to imagine anyone else playing this role as well as he does. You don’t go see a foreign film dubbed do you? You watch it in it’s original language! You can’t watch Life is Beautiful in English and not expect it to lose it’s charm and flavor! You can’t see Pan’s Labyrinth and hope that the story still makes sense in english! Why should anime be any different! Would you appreciate going to another country and seeing Gone with the Wind in Dutch or German or any other language? Would Rhett Butler sound the same? Would “Frankly i don’t give a damn” sound the same? It won’t, so if you love anime so much why watch it butchered in this fashion.

You can see this horrible dub in action here, but i won’t recommend it.

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76 Responses to “Code Geass Dub is TERRIBLE!!!”

  1. 9Tale says:

    I’ve only gotten to the part before the OP as of now, but it’s terrible already. I have no real problem with C.C. other than it’s not Yukana, though.

    I’m not part of the Purist Faction, I don’t hate many dubs, but the delivery of lines is terrible (like at the end), and Lelouch is simply Fukuyama Jun. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

  2. lol says:

    lol, i kinda liked it, but i agree with you on every single point. Thought the same exact stuff when watching.

  3. dirtycash says:

    true. It’s terrible!
    I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I was laughing my butt off.
    I just couldn’t sit there watching it.

  4. RmX says:

    “You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!”

    Best line to make fun of right here.

  5. IcyStorm says:

    Well I’m gonna sit through two episodes of this dub and two episodes of Lucky Star’s dub… I hope it isn’t THAT terrible…

    IcyStorms last blog post..WordPress 2.5.1 Released

  6. yumeno says:

    Yup, English dubs are just plain “ugh”.

    yumenos last blog post..Visual Kei

  7. 53RG10 says:

    This afternoon, I got a glimpse of it out of curiosity…and my curiosity let me down again… -_- I skipped most of it and just went to the scene when he uses Geass for the first time.

    Lelouch doesn’t sound as empowering or menacing as the Japanese counterpart…he just sounds like your average rich kid.

    53RG10s last blog post..DaCapo II S.S > DaCapo II

  8. kuromitsu says:

    Oookay, just a moment there.
    I’m more than willing to believe that the Geass dub sucks ass (I’ve never seen an American dub of anything that I liked, but then I’m no American), and generally I prefer subtitles when they’re available. However, saying that dubs don’t make sense by default because they’re on different languages, and that dubs are inferior simply because they’re on a different language is… a little ignorant, don’t you think? Many people go see dubbed movies, and they survive somehow. Imagine, there are countries where most everything you see on TV is dubbed, and people still get by somehow. Dubs are easier to screw up than subs, but that doesn’t mean they automatically suck and can’t ever be anything close to good. (And unless you’ve seen Pan’s Labyrinth without subtitles and watch and read anime/manga in Japanese, you’re in no position to judge whether a story does or doesn’t make sense in a different language.)

    tl;dr – hate the translation, the voice actors’ performance, the dub director or all these, but hating on dubs in general simply because they’re “not the same” doesn’t make very much sense.

  9. AnIMeLuvER says:

    It so ughhhh……
    especially the part where C.C goes: ” No! he Cant die!”

    Im all like O.O


    that idiot!!!! He totally ruined lulouch….. The rest of them just sound weird….

  10. Dancing Queen says:

    i’m not trying to say that countries that live of dubs suck or anything. I have family in Frances, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico who all watch american tv shows and mvoies dubbed. The live watching those since they’ve never seen it in another launguage or don’t have access to it. For exxample my Uncle in Frances is a HUGE movie buff, he has a region free dvd player and he gets all sorts of movies online, yety he only watches the movies dubbed. He has openly admitted to me to not liking some movies for they didn’t make sense. I then explain to him the movie since i’ve seen it in english and can explain to him american customs and american jokes and he then fully understood it. Thats why i brought up “Gone with the Wind,” he claimed to have hated the movie when it’s a favorite of mine. I then had a discussion and found out that many things were lost with the translation. On top of that you loose people’s hard work of acting when you just dub over their voices. Voices are a powerful thing and it’s a way we express our emotion and feelings. when you just copy over someone’s hard work you loose all those feelings.

  11. lostty says:

    I completely agree that it is a horrible dub! I watched the clips and I was cringing in disgust. Lelouch is the worst one by far, it doesn’t suite his personality at all! He sounds like a stupid voice from Bleach and it takes away from his character so much! It was one of the worst dubs I ever heard πŸ™

    losttys last blog post..Death the Kid = Awesomeness

  12. Kitanishi says:

    lol xD

    “Milly sounds like she’s in love with Lelouch”
    Well she is πŸ˜› :3

    “Orange-kun sounds like your generic bad guy,”

    I am sorry, but If you are going to say something bad about Crispin Freeman, you better have a good reason. He is not “generic” bad guy, he is known for PSYCHO roles πŸ™‚

    “Suzaku sounds like a sissy”
    Well thats the point. We have an evil retarded hypocrite trying to sound heroic. To me his voice was 100% perfect in dub, as you can hate him from the very first second.

    Agreed…. Why does that damn power ranger has to go in nearly EVERY new anime dub?… =.=
    Well here’s hoping that he will sound at least A BIT BETTER later on…

    “Rival sounds like he’s trying to be too damn cool.”
    Isn’t thats how his personality should be? As far as I remember he was always an unlucky guy who would try to be cool and fail.

    “C.C sounds monotone”
    True… Katie Higgins = Fail. Someone should kill her before she ruins ANY MORE females…

    “Shirley sounds like a dingbat (oh wait she is) but worse”
    So you hate the voice because u hate the character or what…? -.-”

    Well, as to summarize. Too much dub hate. Yes the dub is not PERFECT. Yes I won’t watch it. And Yes I will buy the DVD sets. But I have to say that its damn fine dub, in regards of other dubs currently floating around (-.-“) and a good introduction to the show for english speaking fans who do not like to pause the episodes and read the subs(i know lots of people who JUST CAN’T read and look at the events at the same time)

  13. Dancing Queen says:

    well first off, Have you even SEEN Code geass? have we seen the same series? and i stand by every word i wrote in my post. this dub is utter crap

  14. DmonHiro says:

    I’m very sorry, but this dub is NOT shit. Shit is usefull. We can make fertilizer with it. We can throw it at people that we hate. It CAN be usefull. This……….this……abomination, has no value whatsoever. Lulu’s voice is………hideous. It ACTUALLY hurt my ears. C.C. sound like she could not care less about ANYTHING that happenes. Suzaku, who, BTW is supposed to be a strong soldier, sound like a kindergarden little boy. DOWN WITH ENGLISH DUBS!!!!

  15. Reper4666 says:

    If anime should be in its original form, learn to speak japanese and stop talking English.It was made in japanese WITHOUT subtitles, so learn to read there lips instead of the words at the bottom of the screen.This dub is actually better then most i’ve seen.

  16. ChuckNormis says:


    More people need an attitude like yours, There are 3 things I hate in this world with a passion: Onions, Liars and dubbed anime. Every single time I find a really good anime and start watching it, it gets dubbed and then a bunch of loser retard white kids see it and think its the shit. Pisses me off so bad I would like to go down to whoever is responsible’s main office and massacre the entire staff. Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball Z, Gundam SEED (then again Gundam and Dragonball where actaully pretty good dubs) but the point is that it ruined the fan base.

    I thank you for speaking what needs to be heard. And good movie reference πŸ˜‰

  17. Deleted1 says:

    So i decided to check out the dubs on youtube and i found them to be actually pretty good (with the exceptions of Kallen, the empereor’s speech, which didn’t carry enough emotion, and the child version of lelouch). The voices may sound weird at first but as you continue to watch it, you soon get used to it. That’s when you can truly start appreciating the quality of the voices. In the beginning, I thought that the voices weren’t right, (it was strange to hear lelouch’s voice so high not the mention that kallen’s voice acting was pretty bad in the first episode). But as i continued to watch because i was bored, It still retained the majority of all the excitement and charm the first season had. It was hilarious when I heard lelouch’s scream when the cat stole the zero helmet and all the times where lelouch is surprised. Then i started to notice how well done his voice was. Lelouch’s voice actor is actually pretty good. Most of the other VAs manage to bring out the characters as well as the japanese voice actors did (except Kallen, i just can’t feel the emotion behind her voice acting and i also find it difficult to listen to it like bad singing).

    Yes it doesn’t sound like the original voice actor, but why should it? The voice actors put their own emotions into the voices just as how the japanese voice actors do. The quality of the voice acting is still superb (except for the exceptions) once you abandon the stereotype that all dubs suck. The english dub deserves more alot more respect that people give it and i applude the VA choices for this series as it still brings out what’s good about Geass.

    I’m looking forward to the next dubbed episode because Code Geass is just that good (even though i already saw the whole series in japanese plus the recent R2 episodes, which i have to say disappoints me but hopfully it gets better after the chinese arc). The voice actors really do justice to the show that a rewatch is actually still entertaining. It also provides a whole new experience as you watch how the VA’s portray the characters emotions.

  18. BPurg says:

    I have been spoiled by Fan subs to the point the only animes I watch in english are Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Hellsing. Lelouch’s Jap. voice is to melt for and I’m slowly picking up on how to speak a few words in Japanness and culture refrances.

    What killed a freind of mine’s desire to see any type of english dub anime was the scean in Full Metal Alchemist where the women is having a baby. In the original she is calm collected and just flat out had the dignity a women should have when giving birth. English she was the styroe typical histarical basket case that America is fond of portraying for the sake of comidy (cuz boys running around screaming they don’t what to do omg omg isn’t funny enoghf?).

    Even the English subs leave something to be desired. In Elfin Lied the DVD subs had I supose a more ‘pc’ translation then the fan subs. There was apoint where she speaks (acording to the fan sub notes mind you) Latin meaning ‘ultimate suffering’ . In the store bough DVDs the translation wasn’t even close. Infact it went a diffrent direction with her stating she was bored. There was some other flaws too. Not a big -ehm…I’m not going to join a Purest Faction over it, but I will state my 2cents and enjoy my Fan subs more. n_n

    I spread the word of Fan dubs where/when I can, saddly I have a freind who is a rabbid fan of the Power Ranger dubber and other English dubers to the point she has posters and sighned DVDs by them. I forgive her cuz she dosen’t get out much.

  19. Booleon says:

    watched a couple of the episodes for code geass fansubbed -.-; it nearly killed me. I have to say that im not a fan of having to read subs i dont care how bad some ppl consider the dub to be. Lulu sounded way too into himself and overly deep which gets annoying since. Luckily i found the first 10 dubbed eps n raced thru em so i can now ease myself back onto the fansubs a bit better. If i had to watch all of GSD with fansubs i dont think i couldve made it to ep50. so to the dubs i salute thanking them for making some of my anime watching more bearable.

    What really pisses me off tho: Holier than thou otakus that bitch and moan about dubbed animes and how they are so shit. Just cause other audiences can finally come and enjoy the anime too all of a sudden its cool to be the first person who watched it back when it was PURE and look down upon fans who prefer to watch it differently. I find especially with Dragonball Z there is 2 ways to follow the story and sometimes the small changes are just whats needed to help convey the story to another audience. I doubt very much Dragonball Z would have ever garnered the fandom if it wasnt for the americanisation of it. all it took was an english dub and a more appropriate soundtrack.
    Point is: it doesnt ruin fanbases it just helps recruit more fans. Ruining a fanbase is more like releasing the remastered DBZ and using the english dub with the jap soundtrack haha that was really awful.

  20. Ren says:

    “Fandom is LOL”

    I dunno I do think it’s kind of unfair to say dubs suck since I doubt anyone else can do it any better. I mean we can just point the finger at you to try it out and all.

    I’m not a purist. For me, it more or less depends on what I hear first. I have my personal views on dubs, and some dubs do sucks. But definitely not all.

    I guess it’s just dubbers don’t put the same passion in their voicing as the Japanese. But what can one do?

    I just hate it when people btch and moan about how bad dubbing is. No one asked for your opinion and to bash the v-actors. It makes you look so full of yourself.

  21. Charliegone says:

    Honestly? I’m not very impressed or very disappointed with the dubs…well almost. Kallen’s voice actor (she also plays Soifon on Bleach, in which she does a better job i think) isn’t very convincing. I felt as if she was too girly, girly for Kallen. Shirley’s va needs work…either that or the material they had to work with wasn’t that good. I think the best are probably Orange & Lloyd. Lloyd almost feels the same as the Japanese VA, kind of goofy, but smart? Hehe..but seriously did anyone laugh when Kallen’s American VA said “the Gurren Mark 2, HUAAA!” I thought that was kind of silly. At least they ain’t as bad Inuyasha!

  22. BGiff says:

    I personally have no problem with this show’s dubs. There have been worse and there have been better. Lulouch’s VA (can’t remember the name) is a good one, no matter how you cut it. C.C. seems to come off as someone that would be detached from most happening, and is portrayed that way.

    As for dubs vs. subs in general: Anime exists to be enjoyed. Watch it in whatever language pleases you most. There is absolutely no need, however, to antagonize those who prefer it differently.

  23. Darkshark360 says:

    So true BGriff. For me, its all about which i see first. I saw the original japanese first so I prefer it, but the dub to me is interesting enough for a rewatch, plus its nice not to have to read the subs all the time. Lelouch’s eng dub is decent, but the original japanese voice is so much better, as is Kallen’s. To me, Nunnaly’s eng dub is horrible. But, the voice acting all together is good. Now, I saw the eng dub of Cowboy Bebop, and I love that so much. I tried watching it in the original japanese… but I just couldnt.

  24. allen walker says:

    u want to see a piece of shit dub go watch dn angle espicialy the alst episode the main male characters sound litterly like there gay the voice actors had to be women

  25. I am Great says:

    The dub is cool for me, i dont know about you but i cant stand subtitles, turn your head and you miss what they are saying, the dub is pretty good. its an english version of the show, and i speak english therefore i like the show, i dont wanna go out of my way to learn japanesse just so i dont need to use subtitles. dont like the dub fine thats your opinion, i like it, although i’m not a big anime fan, i find some shows likeable, this is one. the character voices match, they dont sound like some little kids (like many japanesse shows they sound like little kids) and best of all, if i turn my head i can still understand what they are saying.

  26. Ok to start im an all @ anime n manga person. I watch it n draw it all the time in others ive seen alot of anime, dub n nondub. I watch plenty of both. Ok 4 1 none of u have the right to talk u r used to the animes orignal orgin n thats not a problem its just come on do u expect all languges to sound the same n have the same feeling no cuz its different to u n theres nothing u can do about it n two…lostty to inform u the VA tha plays Lelouch is the guy who plays Ichigo in bleach.

  27. ok im still working on my last comment im doing this on my psp so it only takes so many words at a time. Continued…Hey ChuckNoris to tell u im a white girl n i dont do that…n that comment made it sound like u think ur the shit…when probably ur not. So if u want to assume things about “retard white kids” get ur facts straight first. Im not saying that there are not ones who do it there probably is. Ok i watch Code Geass, the dub n nondub, n i think its pretty good. Actually its 1 of my favorites.

    MoonLiteDrifters last blog post..Greetings from Merida, Yucatan Mexico!

  28. Continued…its very good to me i like it n i enjoy it. It has a good story line. Isnt that the point to have a good story line 1 that attracts ur attention. Ok so some of the VA suck ass but wat can we do. If u like it you would suck it up n watch it but u should hate it just cuz of some bad voice actors. Ok i agree Kate Higgins is a BAD VA but Chrispin Freemon to me is a great VA. He plays a good Itachi 4rm Naruto an awsome Haji 4rm Blood Plus n to me the best he has done is Alucard 4rm Hellsing.

    MoonLiteDrifters last blog post..Greetings from Merida, Yucatan Mexico!

  29. Continued…That may be cuz i love vampires…but thats beside the point. Wat im trying to get through ur think skulls is that u have ur good n bad dub anime but wat could u do about it except dont watch it. U shouldnt hate it if it has bad VA but if u do thats ur business but u shouldnt go @ bagging on them cuz of it n when u do u get ppl like me voicing me opinion on urs…wat can i say thats just the way i am XD

    MoonLiteDrifters last blog post..Greetings from Merida, Yucatan Mexico!

  30. ok about my last 3 comments i just read them n i had some bad grammer. Sorry i was going fast n not paying attention -_-”

    MoonLiteDrifters last blog post..Greetings from Merida, Yucatan Mexico!

  31. Silver Fangs says:

    i actually like Code Gease both the dub n non dub. Its a great story line

  32. sarah says:


  33. Boyd says:

    its not about the dubs…
    its the story just watch and listen and then go to bed XD

  34. Banshee says:

    The dub’s way better, I have to say. I mean, you need to actually give the dub a chance. But, no, you just watch it for one minute and decide to ditch it. You guys remind me of the Britannians.

  35. ZERO says:

    It is not a bad show. I like it; me and my sister both. Though I respect your first amendment rights to unabridged freedom of opinion. You really should make fun of the voice actors/actresses because they work really hard, and can’t help what they sound like. Some people can get into a role but use the same voice for every other role they have done. It is natural. Also, if I may catechize, why do you insist on making fun of them for something you probably could not do better? It is hurtful to the people who try, and they do look around the internet. They are real people behind the roles. Nothing personal, it just makes me angry when people do that sort of thing.

  36. For teh lulz says:

    I love subwatchers. They truly amaze me on how well they judge anime and yet they don’t even originate from the country anime does =D. Why do you think anime is dubbed in the first place? Because they don’t want you to read subs while watching because you miss out on a lot of things (not even including events happening).

    Seriously if they really wanted you to read while watching an anime they would have included hooked on phonics along with the Box set ;). I guess you guys will never see reason as you think Japanese voices are always > Dub voices, however you can’t truly honestly judge them both unless your from that country. Now if you studied japanese for quite a few years then i could understand where you come from but other than that you don’t have any points to judge. Half the words in subs are incorrect anyway (because they are not the OFFICIAL subs).

    I laugh at people telling me “They curse more in subtitles.” I can’t help but wonder how could someone say that if you have to watch subtitled to watch anime, if they were so fluent in japanese that they could tell they are cursing a lot more than the dub then why not watch Raw instead? It’d be a lot better than looking at words on the bottom of the screen.

    Voices are voices and i see no problem with ANY dub voices. Just as long as i can understand it makes it good enough for me. I watched Higurashi in subs, then later in dubs and i could understand a lot more than i did after i finished subs =D, but i guess people have their own opinion.

    Your going to have to give a great reason why subbed is > Dubbed, but i need great reasons why and not something i have heard already. I must agree with ZERO though. Most the people that diss dubs without a second thought probably can’t do a better jobs themselves.

  37. Lelouch4645 says:

    Of course he sounds the same in every role. That’s what you predict with most anime voice actors. I mean, look at Rodger Smith from Big O, And Spike from Cowboy Bebop. They both sound the same. Because it’s the same guy who plays them. Voice actors can’t change their natural voice easily. So, get used to it.

  38. tl;dr warning says:

    Alright. So, I don’t know why people are giving you a hard time about your opinion. It’s your opinion, and it’s not like it’s completely unfounded. At least, about dubs vs. subs. The thing about the voice actors, though, is solely personal preference.

    Firstly, I absolutely agree with the statement you made about the original meaning getting lost in translation. Meaning is not just what is said, it’s also how it’s said, and in what context. Changing the way a line is delivered can completely alter its meaning. You don’t have to know Japanese to be able to get the feeling of the line, and this is one of the main issues I have with dubs. The way Lelouch says things is the dub is different from how the says things in the original. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that the creators of the show choose Fukuyama Jun for a reason. They had a concept in mind – how characters should look, act, and sound. How Lelouch sounds is part of his character, and by changing that you get a different character. Lelouch in the dub IS a different character than Lelouch in the sub, although it is a minor difference. As an actor (speaking from experience), I can’t stress enough the truth of this. If I were doing a play, and one night everyone decided to change the way their character spoke, it would be a different play. So regardless of what everyone says, there is a huge difference in dubs and subs because of this, so the shows aren’t the same. Again, that’s not necessarily bad. It’s just different. And that’s not even including cultural references that will be missed through translation, unless the dubs provide explanation by using notes.

    Back to the subject of voice actors, seiyuus in Japan are usually held in (much) higher regard that voice actors in America (at least, voice actors for anime and other cartoons). Sorry to say, but that means Japan’s voice actors are of, um, higher quality than voice actors in American dubs. That’s doesn’t mean dub actors are bad at all – it just means that you probably won’t be listening to a show like Code Geass in Japanese (which had a relatively good sized budget) and find yourself thinking, “Wow, what bad acting.” – even for characters with only one line. Dub actors are also more limited in how they can say their lines – Japanese use a larger range when speaking. That’s why some people say Lelouch’s voice is too deep. Honestly, you probably won’t hear a teenage guy speak like that on the street, but how often do you hear people talk like they do in dubs? You don’t. Fukuyama Jun won an award for his preformance as Lelouch, and he supplies an integral part of Lelouch’s character. I personally don’t believe Johnny Yong Bosh is a bad voice actor, but I doubt he’ll win an award for his role (and, I don’t even think we have awards).

    That said, speaking in terms of dub quality, the dub for Code Geass is by no means terrible. I’m watching the dub, and I find that I can actually enjoy it (however, my initial reaction was to cover my ears, but that was only because I was so used to hearing everyone’s voices in Japanese). But the vibe the show gives off is different, although they do capture the meaning and charm of Code Geass quite well. I got used to Lelouch’s dub voice, and when he’s angry he actually sounds better than usual (which almost makes me wish he was angry all the time), and he does a pretty good rendition of Jun’s laugh. Also, at the end of episode 25 Suzaku’s voice actor does a fantastic job (actually, everyone in that scene was great). After Kallen settled into her role, I really liked her, and Lloyd probably has the best voice in the entire dub. However, some voices still irk me, and I will always prefer the Japanese version (Suzaku’s Japanese voice makes me melt inside). Everyone in the Japanese version is top-notch. But the dub, being a dub, is good, and I enjoy watching it.

    But the point that others have made is true – if you don’t speak Japanese, you won’t ever truly be able to understand it as it was meant to be understood – but that doesn’t mean you can’t grasp some of that meaning by watching it subtitled. I speak some Japanese, and am still learning (and I don’t mean a few words and set phrases), and I can say that I definitely get more out of it now than when I didn’t know how to speak it. However, I’m not a native, so I’ll probably never be able to understand it in context (or, at least until I’ve lived in Tokyo for a while, where I am moving in two years).

    This was way long, I’m sorry, but I felt bad for the original author of this post because she had some good points that were being ignored by some people who were claiming she was just an elitist.

  39. tl;dr warning says:

    Okay, I forgot an important point I’m surprised no one’s brought up yet. There are different ways of speaking in Japanese, which adds further depth to the character – the kind of words they use, whether they use boku or ore (like Suzaku uses both, and it’s interesting to note when he does), if they use polite speech, what words they use for “you” and to what people, etc. It doesn’t take long to educate yourself about that, and it can add an entire extra layer to a character. I think the extra effort would be worth it, because you loose that layer in a dub.

  40. Dancing Queen says:

    @tl;dr warning :
    every single point you made i have to fully agree with. and that really is the thing that bugs me with dubs, it looses it’s flavor and ti’s flare once ti’s changed.

    what a lot of people didn’t seem to understand in my original post wasn’t that i was saying that dubs for anime are the only ones that suck. i was mentioning even other movies in other languages. I personally prefer to see movies in their original form, they way they were made.

  41. For teh lulz says:

    I don’t know why i came to check this out. Honestly, the more i read on the more pissed off i get. People take things differently, and i REALLY hate people who say subs are absolutely better, as if there opinion is the only one that matters and it is law. The way a line is delivered is the same in every language, as there is happy, sarcastic, sad, angry, joking, and it just goes on. If i’m watching subbed i can’t tell if someone is being sarcastic or anything like that because you know why? I’m too busy reading.

    I don’t know why but people who watch subtitled don’t bother me at all…..however once they state their opinions all hell breaks lose, however i don’t let any of that run loose around the internet ;). Besides, if it is dubbed i can have familiar voice actors….however if it is japanese i can’t tell a difference at all.

    Strange….Very strange…..On a side note can you believe they aired the table secks scene on tv o.O?

  42. Mugen says:

    Okay… So, first off, several good points, Dancing Queen. However, I disagree with you wholeheartedly. Not everyone wants to go through learning Japanese (which often takes many, many years, from what I know) and not everyone has the patience to keep their eyes glued to the bottom of the screen, desperately trying to read fast enough to keep up and at the same time trying to focus on what’s going on. As a solution, there are dubs. While you are certainly entitled to your opinions, saying things are terrible and insulting the voice actors is not entirely right. You may believe you are in the right, but what do you think JYB would think if he saw this? If you heard/saw someone insulting your hard work, you wouldn’t feel terrific would you? I’m sure he wouldn’t. And as for his sounding the same in all his roles, well, he only really has one voice. And I couldn’t even tell it was him playing Lelouch even though I adored his work in Wolf’s Rain. And he was also in Moribito, where I hardly recognized him. Playing Lelouch’s character is a huge undertaking and responsibility and I really think he does a great job. He (in my opinion) has a great angry voice and his evil villain mwahahaha voice is great too (you know, when Lelouch is acting contemptuous and snide and such).

    And as for me, like several others already said, whichever I see first is automatically my favorite so I understand where you’re coming from. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Japanese voice actors are terrible because they don’t do it the same as the American ones do. But I do hate Nunally’s dub voice; it’s just way too high and fake. And Shirley’s is pretty junk too. But as for everyone else, I think they do a decent job of representing the characters they portray. :]

  43. For teh lulz says:

    Dancing queen. I love you k? Opposites must attract because i <3 you sooo much =D

  44. Dancing Queen says:

    @For teg luzs:
    um… ok thanks i guess

  45. […] bring up this topic once again because during my trip to Mexico I realized something very interesting. First thing we did in […]

  46. Blanman says:

    to answer the last question dubing is a japenese thing, they release r2 dvds in japan which include english long before some one in the us has worked out a license for us sale. Believe it or not in japan they learn english, and some like it, where as here its trendy to claim to know japanese. Of course saying you like there language more scores you “My mom thinks I’m cool points” which a lot of people think are universal but sadly it has a worse exchange rate then pesos to dollars. Because in the end opinions are like a@$holes, every one has them, and some are full of more crap then others.

    As far as the dub goes, it fits very well, the char comes off as cool headed, if he got emotional or easily excited, well that would kind of be out of place. And hes a high school kid, hes gonna sound like a punk.

    Seriously, its not like in the japenese cast they hire a slew of different actors, they use a fist full of actors for both versions, he gets the part because the people who make the show, in japan I remind you, decided hes how they wanted him to sound.

    I’m tired of seeing people dissing dubs like its some horrible thing that ruins it, there released in japan long before they ship in the us dubed, heck some shows even the Japanese prefer in english. But the Japanese is more exotic, and of course saying you prefer it more exotic, or different is the trendy way to go.

    I’m sick of seeing people cry the original is better, the great thing about a good show is it should cross the language gap, look at literature, books tend to loose things in translation, but a lot of books ie the bible were never in english, but no one crys the Hebrew one was the best.

    Theres only one show to date that I watched in Japanese and can’t stand dubed thats Love Hina, and thats only because I hate country bumpkin dialects, but sadly after years of watching both languages with other anime, I noticed they do it with chars who have a rural japense acent, wich makes sense, for the people who make it since they pick the voice actors, the people who created the show hoping to have it carry over better, its not like the us distributors do there own dubing its all done long before they get it.

    Ohh yeah those movies you listed, guess what in other countrys where english is not used they get dubed, or subed, either way they loose something. English thanks to the UK is spoken in a lot of places so thats kind of taking it out of context, japenese is not a common language, not even in there part of the world. Ohh and the biggest cause of diffrences is either one with out some one telling you, or you reading some where, you won’t get some of the humor since alot of things are diffrent humor wise, and the big problem is no self respecting company wants an old school Godzilla show to peddle in to the main stream, so they change things so the lips still match up, shorting the sentence, or even adding things in, why so when the chars lips stop the voice does, that pretty much kills quality when you wonder if the crap was even recorded right, or the dvd is off.

    Go watch some Canadian humor clips on the net, or British ones, theres some that are universal, and theres a lot that just seem really weak, but to them its awesome, just like a lot of things that get purposely lost when dubed, they want to sell things, not have foreigners go “its funny but not really.”

    Please do the world of favor and get off your soapbox, if you buy the dvd, it comes with Japanese just like in japan they sell it with english, only difference is they may have to change a setting like we do for Japanese. Unless you have a brilliant way to become a voice actor yourself to replace the overused dub ones, you just have to get use to it, just like I have to get use to seeing the same actors do the same part for different movies when I go to see new ones.

  47. Bob Saget says:

    WOW. The voice actresses made C.C. and Kallen sound like shit it’s awful. And hearing Lelouch have the exactly the same voice as the crappy dub Bleach Ichigo was just lame.

  48. lelouch says:

    You all are dumb fukes!!! They couldnt pick anyone better to voice act all the code geass characters. Your ears must be messed up. Jhonny young bosch is one of the best voice actors and its great he was chosen to play lelouch. For all of you who disagree go to hell zero will kill you all.

  49. U ALL SUCK says:

    Jhonny Young Bousch is one of the greatest voice actors so i dont know what your talking about that u hate his voice. Like come on it might sound the same but ut totally suits every charcter he has played. He is one of the most popular voice actors out there. And if you say something like that in front of anime fans theyll most likly jump u all and u all will deserve it. Fuke you all who think he sucks!!!!!!!

  50. Jack says:

    I respect other peoples opinions, but when you overdo it and make statements as if they’re facts…well it gets old fast. In my opinion, I think Johnny Yong Bosch and Yuri Lowenthal did an excellent job, as they always do when paired together. The power and emotion they put into their dialogue (especially Lelouch’s speeches) gives me chills, and while I could agree that japanese voice acting always ensures the “power and emotional” aspects…I’d still have to disagree with your review on the Code Geass dub.

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