Our apartment – 2016 NSFW

It's been not only a long time since I've posted here, but it has been a long time since I shared photos of my place. The last time you guys saw where I lived I was still living at home with my parents. It was back in 2012, so easily 4 years ago you saw my collection. Now you can see not only has my… [more]

Our apartment – 2016 NSFW Our apartment - 2016 NSFW

[Alter] – Melty Review

So since I've moved into my new apartment I still hadn't set up my photography studio. Seems work has me busier than I thought I would ever be, however I took some time this past weekend to set up my studio so I could take some photos of my latest purchase, Alter's 1/8th Melty from Shining Hearts. Now… [more]

[Alter] – Melty Review [Alter] - Melty Review

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW

Pre-ordered this figure the moment she was released for pre-order. I needed for for multiple reasons, she's sexy/half naked, plus while she's not Sora she reminds me of Sora from Yosuga no Sora! But she's Yuki from Maid Yome and she's pretty amazing. The only issue is her adorable mouth really looks… [more]

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW [Orchid Seed] - Yuki Review NSFW

Nendoroid Storage Container

I recently went on a trip to a magical place, The Container Store. Ok it's not really magical, but I happen to have discovered a love for organizing my home. I tend to prefer Ikea and Daiso but we went to The Container Store on a whim and I discovered this lovely storage container! I've been needing… [more]

Nendoroid Storage Container Nendoroid Storage Container

A day with Fuka and Yotsuba

Hopefully today is my last day being sick, i finally went to the doctors and got some awesome cough meds so i should be back to work tomorrow. Once again boredom took over and i did another shoot today. I did Fuka and Yotsuba today since i noticed there aren’t many reviews of either online. Both are real simple figures, neither awesome stand out, but i liked the Yotsuba the manga so much i just had to own them both. Plus the fact that both were pretty inexpensive was a huge plus.

This is really the only picture i took that i liked of Yotsuba. I’m not a fan of joins and they just stood out like a sore thumb in all the pictures.

Fuka’s design is quite simple. Nothing about her honestly screams sexy, but then thats Fuka. She’s not supposed to be sexy but more of the girl next door who is your friend and not an object of lust.kinda makes me feel bad for her?

I really liked this setting with the rocks but it was hard posing fuka in the rocks so i moved her to the same place i took pictures of Kotori but a little more over to the side.

Yotsuba decided to join in on the fun but she never stood still! She’d keep popping into the frame while i was taking pictures.

She just jumped in whenever she felt like! Oh that silly Yotsuba!

—final thoughts—
While i like both figures, unless your a fan of the series i wouldn’t recommend them. I don’t like the joints in Yotsuba, and posing (at least for me) had been quite difficult. It’s hard to keep her siting in one pose without gravity moving her down and falling over. Fuka is well made, no problems with paint and such. but the pose is boring, and nothing just pops out about her saying “OMG YOU HAVE TO OWN ME!” I got her for two reasons A.) Price was good, and B.) I liked her character. Other than that i wouldn’t have bothered getting her in the first place.

Figure Info-Fuka

Manufactured by Kaiyodo
non scale complete pvc figure
Initial release in Ocotber ’07
Price of 2,800 yen
Available at Kid Nemo Company (at time of posting)

Figure Info-Yotsuba

Manufactured by Kaiyodo
non scale complete action figure
Initial release in OSeptember ’07
Price of 1,900 yen
Available at Kid Nemo Company and HLJ (at time of posting)

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9 Responses to “A day with Fuka and Yotsuba”

  1. Rin says:

    LOL!!! Funny!!! I liked the Yotsuba series. Nice photos. Not a big fan of the Fuka figure, but a fan a of Yotsuba figure. I liked how Yotsuba is in the background fooling around. Nice job!!!

    Rins last blog post..Fate

  2. gordon says:

    LOL @ pics with Yotsuba in it. How did u hang her up in the air?

    anyway get well soon.

    gordons last blog post..Row Row Fight Da Power

  3. Hung says:

    Hmm, it seems kinda cheap that they didn’t even color in the whites of the eyes. They look kinda weird the way they are now. Like, jaundiced or something.

    Hungs last blog post..Toto! The Wonderful Adventure Vol. 1 – Manga Review

  4. ron~ says:

    lovely photos! the sun light covers the plasticky look perfectly 🙂

    the price is really cheap too, makes me want to get them =\ but got lots of figurines for this may..

    ron~s last blog post..1/6 Kokonoe Rin ~ Max Factory

  5. TheBigN says:

    Well, this is first time I’ve heard of Yotsuba figurines, and as you’ve said, they aren’t too much to look at. But it’s still entertaining what you can do with them. :3

    TheBigNs last blog post..And now for a random fanboy moment.

  6. Dancing Queen says:

    I just held the camera in one hand and yotsuba in the other.

    you know i never noticed it till now

    @ron~ :
    the price is the best part of these figures ^_^

    how could you have not heard of them?!! they are everywhere!

  7. hiro says:

    yotsuba is great manga, and the figure seems like fuka: a kind of level-headedness about her. I am also no fan of jointed figures, except for the mikuru I have. see, she has on this long-sleeve, long-skirt outfit, so you can pose her w/o seeing those ugly joints.

  8. TDOMJ says:

    You chose a nice background! I’d love to have those figurines, too. Yotsuba is so entertaining.

    TDOMJs last blog post..Anime benefits your well-being

  9. Hollie says:

    Great post, I LOVE the Yotsuba figure so much but not a fan of Fuka. They are re-releasing Yotsuba right now and I can’t wait to get it in the mail. I absolutely LOVED the manga so I just had to have this even though just like you said, the figure is very simple and not the most amazing figure out there but still worth to have.

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