Our apartment – 2016 NSFW

It's been not only a long time since I've posted here, but it has been a long time since I shared photos of my place. The last time you guys saw where I lived I was still living at home with my parents. It was back in 2012, so easily 4 years ago you saw my collection. Now you can see not only has my… [more]

Our apartment – 2016 NSFW Our apartment - 2016 NSFW

[Alter] – Melty Review

So since I've moved into my new apartment I still hadn't set up my photography studio. Seems work has me busier than I thought I would ever be, however I took some time this past weekend to set up my studio so I could take some photos of my latest purchase, Alter's 1/8th Melty from Shining Hearts. Now… [more]

[Alter] – Melty Review [Alter] - Melty Review

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW

Pre-ordered this figure the moment she was released for pre-order. I needed for for multiple reasons, she's sexy/half naked, plus while she's not Sora she reminds me of Sora from Yosuga no Sora! But she's Yuki from Maid Yome and she's pretty amazing. The only issue is her adorable mouth really looks… [more]

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW [Orchid Seed] - Yuki Review NSFW

Nendoroid Storage Container

I recently went on a trip to a magical place, The Container Store. Ok it's not really magical, but I happen to have discovered a love for organizing my home. I tend to prefer Ikea and Daiso but we went to The Container Store on a whim and I discovered this lovely storage container! I've been needing… [more]

Nendoroid Storage Container Nendoroid Storage Container

Otaku Upgrade; My own Itasha (Otaku Car)

While Itasha doesn’t really mean Otaku car but Painful Car

The word Itasha (痛車(いたしゃ))describes a car that has been plastered with anime stickers and other form of decoration. Literally means “pain(痛い(itai)) car(車(sha))” and for some reason the kanji for “pain” was chosen as it sounds like the “ita” from イタ車(itasha)which means Italian Car.

Taken from DannyChoo.com
It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own Otaku car, one plastered with stickers and decals of my favorite Anime characters and finally i did it! My biggest reason for never doing this before were my parents objections. Technically it’s not my car, It’s the one i drive mainly and no one else drives it. Yet my parents pay for it and the insurance.
Well they finally gave me the clearance to plaster the car after i assured them that all the stickers are removable and that it won’t damage the paint whatsoever! I did these all myself with my own printer since each sticker was going to cost me an arm an a leg and this way it only cost me ink and paper costs… I’m very proud of how it came out!


Since my parents claim it to be “my” car i have to also pay for any repairs of the car, which is understandable since they pay for it in the first place. I’m missing two parts on the front a metal plate that goes over the grill and small triangular piece the goes by the right headlight. But the metal plate costs $400 and the the triangular piece $40. So since they aren’t necessary i don’t bother fixing them.


I’m very glad at how this came out, I wish it could have been bigger but this is the original resolution of this picture and any bigger would have been pixelated. The character is also Sakura from Card Captor Sakura my all time favorite anime!

The rest of the car i all Gurren Lagann. Since Yoko and Kamina are my favorite characters from GL it was hard to decide on which images to use for them.

I think bigger might have been better for them but then the size would have made it overlap the windows and i didn’t want that.

Love the detail of this image and i left the bullets on the car, i was going to cut them out but it thought it looked much cooler this way!

I was so tough finding a Kamina image that was gar yet had enough detail. All the images i found were of the back of him or far too small.

I was going to use a different image for the back window. One of Simon walking away, but i liked having the Gurren Dan logo instead!

My biggest worry with this sticker was being able to see outside from the inside of the car, luckily it doesn’t block much of my view while driving!

Passenger side with Simon and Nia. So many images of Simon to choose from but i really liked this image the best.
I don’t know what it is about this image that i liked the most, but he looks so cool.
Last but not least Nia. I loved this image of her, while it would have been awesome find a Anti Spiral Nia for this image i couldn’t find one that i liked that was big enough.


41 Responses to “Otaku Upgrade; My own Itasha (Otaku Car)”

  1. IKnight says:

    That’s . . . um, I know ‘cool’ is the wrong word to use of something to do with anime, but it’s the only word coming to mind. Your car’s so cool, it’s reduced my vocabulary. I hope you fit it out with big speakers and drive around playing the TTGL OST.

    IKnights last blog post..Three Can Play At That Game

  2. I love Gar. While I wouldn’t do this to my car, I would love a smaller Gurren Dan decal on my car…maybe I can get it done at the mall…I think they do customs. It’d look weird next to my nemu-nemu.com ones but oh well xD;;

    Pure Trance (Figured)s last blog post..I Feel Like a Little Moe…

  3. lostty says:

    WOW! what an original idea and it turned out looking amazing! They all look really good, but my personal favourite sticker is definitely the Card Captor Sakura one in the front, I love that series too! 🙂

    losttys last blog post..Vampire Knight 11

  4. nanu says:

    You are quite the enterprising person. I love this DIY spirit.

    I’m too cowardly to geek out my aging car, not to mention that doing so, in these parts, would be inviting vandals :/

  5. nckl says:

    This is indeed very cool. Nia FTW.

  6. super rats says:

    WOW! I definitely like the hood the best.

    super ratss last blog post..Baek ChangPo Round Here

  7. CCY says:

    Sorry, let me one-up you IKnight: That is hardcore. :O

    I applaud your … hardcore-itude, although I have to wonder how this will confuse people trying to figure out who drives such a car: an elementary schoolgirl on the front, and buxom babes alternating with macho men on the sides, and a Kero badge on the rear! It’s very diverse. XD

    That’s some simply huge-resolution pics too, by the way. How much did these stickers cost? Been thinking of making a more modest one, just for my gas-cap or something.

    CCYs last blog post..Eating Your Cake Too: Shippers Anonymous and the curiosity of desire

  8. otaku dan says:

    super cool, i like the gurren dan logo

    otaku dans last blog post..Manga for beginners

  9. ron~ says:

    I always want to make my own itasha, but I didn’t find any good decal and painting my car is too expensive 🙁

    you did this using which sticker paper? will it last under rainy weather?

    ron~s last blog post..http://www.otadesho.com/files/disgaea3/dlc/dis01.jpg

  10. Dancing Queen says:

    Row Row Fight Da power!

    @Pure Trance (figured):
    I payed for the little Kero Sticker on the back, since at the time i didn’t have my own printer

    That one is my favorite too! Especially since that is my favorite CCS outfit!

    luckily there aren’t many people in my area who would vandalize it

    Anti sPiral Nia would have been better imo…

    @super rats:

    well i made them myself so it only cost me about the cost of ink and paper, but the small Kero chan only cost me $10 when i got that one made a while back

    @Otaku dan:
    Thanks i really like that part as well!

    no i tested this out with a smaller sticker on my car a while back and it didn’t peal or anything, the paper is specially made for making bumper stickers so it should hold up!

  11. Anon says:

    my main concern is the gurren-dan logo as i fear a cop may pull u over. Mainly for:

    Do not block your view by putting signs or other objects on the front windshield or the back and side windows. Do not hang objects on the mirror. Windshield/window stickers, etc., are permitted in these locations only:

    * A seven-inch square on either the passenger’s side windshield, lower corner; or the rear window, lower corner.
    * A five-inch square on the driver’s side, lower corner.
    * Side windows behind the driver.

    Source: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/pgs31thru32.htm

    Either way that is quite gutsy on what you did to your car. If i do see you rolling around that car on the freeways in so cali ill give you a honk. ^^

  12. Eddie says:

    one day .. one day .. we will see a custom painted otaku Beemer!!!!

  13. Tacho says:

    That is some awesome car you got there now 😀 . I love the image selection you used for it, very very nice. And don’t worry about Nia, both Nia’s are awesome ^^.

    I wanna ask you if you could let me know the stuff you used for this, like the printer and paper type. Cause those stickers are pretty big, so i don’t think you can use just any printer. I would love to do some on my car, was deciding on buying some decals at Ebay but the images they got are not always the best and not usually FULL color like yours .

    Once again, congrats!

  14. Optic says:

    One word, “Bad-ass”. I’m sure every bypasser will at least take a peak at ur awesome car. I think the cute part is where Kero-chan is sticking behind the back. Feels like he’s saying hello to the person behind you. ^^

    Optics last blog post..What’s in the box?

  15. 53RG10 says:

    Those type of “stickers” won’t peel off with the heat?

    53RG10s last blog post..ARIA the ORIGINATION 5.5

  16. Brent says:

    Awesome! What kind of printer did you use? Did you make those big stickers out of smaller ones because I can’t tell.

  17. Rin says:

    Now that is an anime car!!!!!!!!
    I want to do that to my car. The thing is I can’t find anything like stickers for cars. I so want a Code Geass one but unable to find it.
    Still, your lucky that your able to do that…
    It stands out!!!!!!!!! This could possibly be the first Itasha car outside of Japan!!!!!!!

  18. Yuki-onna says:

    Great job on your car.

    The fact that you did it all with your own printer is also impressive.

    I have to agree with lostty and super rats with saying that the hood is my favorite!

    Yuki-onnas last blog post..A trip to Venus

  19. double says:

    I’ll have to find a way to get an itasha, after I get a vehicle, after I get my driving lesson, after I turn 18.

    Anyway, the Gurren Dan logo’s really cool =D

    doubles last blog post..STCC Day 2: The Camera Is Decent But The User Is Not

  20. ROFL says:

    holy balls. im so fooking jealous. holy jeeze dude. i love all of it.

  21. lu-k says:

    Fan-tas-tic! I am in admiration 😀
    Want to make my own itasha as well, but not on my old current car… will have to change first … and this will gonna be painful haha ^^;

  22. nhat says:

    Awesome, I’m glad someone is doing this already in the states XD

  23. meronpan says:

    wholy crap that’s insanely awesome. and just in time for ax ^_^

    meronpans last blog post..Fate Testarossa

  24. gordon says:

    u go girl! u are now the coolest kid in school/town. ^^;

    btw how big must the resolution be to print this out? i have some GAR images of kamina but i afraid it might be too small.

    gordons last blog post..Singapore Toy & Comic Con Day 2 and Air Gear

  25. Daftline says:

    Good idea and and nice work ! I also thought of doing something like this with my own car. This gives us a good look at the result. ^^

    Daftlines last blog post..New “Lovely” Stuff !

  26. Adun says:

    I would love to have an itasha, but only if I was living in Japan. I’d be grabbing too much attention here.

  27. woah that is great!! you really did a great job, must have taken up some time also.

    Nomadicwriters last blog post..Shining Tears X Wind: Anime Review

  28. TheBigN says:

    That’s pretty awesome. Especially the Gurren-Dan logo on the back window.

    Drive the car that fights the power, I guess. 😛

    TheBigNs last blog post..LOL TOUHOU HIJACK!

  29. Why hello says:

    Hey! Nice Car!!!
    Can You Please Post A Site That Explains How To Make The Decals?
    I Would Like To Do Something Similar With My Own Car!

  30. Baka-Raptor says:

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    and everything I would like to be?

    Let’s just say, my car looks like my room.

  31. Panther says:

    Oh man the money gone. Otherwise, nice DQ.

  32. katie says:

    awesome! I love CCS too. Cool blog.

    katies last blog post..Haruhi Figure

  33. lu-k says:

    Oh by the way, something is bothering me since I read this article ^^
    You said you did all the stickers yourself with your own printer… but, how did you managed to have such great large pictures? I assume you have, like most of us, a normal A4 format printer, haven’t you?
    Would you mind giving some extra details?
    I am impressed by the result, and it’s been bugging me since this morning ^^
    Now I want to try my own little Itasha, and my current old car would make a perfect gunea pig hehe.

  34. Hirvine says:

    First I need to get a good job, then a driving license, then a car, at last these plasters! … Well no, I probably would be to lazy to settle things up. I wouldn’t even know where to search for a garage who would have plasters at all. I think I end up having a collection of figures at home, that would also put an end of my bank account ^^.

    So these cars care called ‘Itasha’, thanks for the info, it was pretty interested. I remembered the ‘itai’ word from the anime’s I watch, but I’m not Japanese so I wouldn’t have noticed nor find a relation. Always interested to find some background info. Good job, nice pics btw, be proud, looks cool.

    Hirvines last blog post..Laputa Castle in the Sky OST Torrent

  35. Dancing Queen says:

    you know i’m worried about this as well, but i’ve got a list of excuses a mile long and if anything i’ll just remove it right in front of the cop. 🙁

    i bet some Japaneses guy has done it already…

    I’ve got a epson Stylus 1400 something something… and i bought the paper from ebay and can’t find the seller again 🙁 But i’m going to try and contact the manufacture from the packaging

    each sheet was 13 x 19 so each sticker is a few of them together

    in my mind it’s a toss up between the hood and the rear window

    that was my biggest problem finding kamina images, plus i was being picky since he’s my favorite!

    @Why Hello:
    i might once i can get more paper

    that happened to my mom’s van, she parked it in the worse place and they shot out her window with a bb gun 🙁

    well since the ink and paper was paid for with the money from my poster it tech. didn’t cost anything ^_^

    it’s a larger type printer, it prints up to 13 x 19 pictures, I was going to wait until i got a better car but i thought it might be best to do it with me older car in case this goes all wrong

  36. Wow! You really did it! All I can say is… well, wow. It doesn’t look half as terrible as I thought it would. Just kidding. I actually think it looks pretty cool. Only thing I can think of that hasn’t been mentioned is that I might have stuck the pics with the flat bottoms against the straight edges on the panels of the car.

    malcontentcontents last blog post..DIY Yukata.

  37. Jimmy says:

    Hi, good day, this is the first contact.

    I’m Jimmy who’s one of Itasha riders in Japan.

    It’s amazing that Itasha culture spreaded beyond the Pacific and is seen in North America!

    I once thought that it is less objection by Parents or any relatives there than here, Japan.

    However, things seem not so easy even there…

    Now I’m constructing a home-page introducing Itasha culture in both Japanese & English.

    Can I link your page for information that Itasha spreaded out to North America?


  38. mario cortez says:

    hey i wanna make an itasha myself for my car but i got an orange honda fit >.< so the color kinda puts me on a tight stuff but more importantly give me ideas on where i can buy em or where can i get a custom one made thanks

  39. scenechic says:

    i really want some little busters ex for my car but i cant find where to order anywhere! its driving me bonkers! I spose ill have to go to japan to buy some X( because no aussies here know of itasha GAY

  40. Brent says:

    Wanted to make my own. And make my car versatile or something.

    Brents last blog post..Random 2

  41. flipmagick says:

    I like what your doing. what state r u in? Im in cali and ive started my own itasha g35. check it out and let me k ow what you think?

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