Our apartment – 2016 NSFW

It's been not only a long time since I've posted here, but it has been a long time since I shared photos of my place. The last time you guys saw where I lived I was still living at home with my parents. It was back in 2012, so easily 4 years ago you saw my collection. Now you can see not only has my… [more]

Our apartment – 2016 NSFW Our apartment - 2016 NSFW

[Alter] – Melty Review

So since I've moved into my new apartment I still hadn't set up my photography studio. Seems work has me busier than I thought I would ever be, however I took some time this past weekend to set up my studio so I could take some photos of my latest purchase, Alter's 1/8th Melty from Shining Hearts. Now… [more]

[Alter] – Melty Review [Alter] - Melty Review

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW

Pre-ordered this figure the moment she was released for pre-order. I needed for for multiple reasons, she's sexy/half naked, plus while she's not Sora she reminds me of Sora from Yosuga no Sora! But she's Yuki from Maid Yome and she's pretty amazing. The only issue is her adorable mouth really looks… [more]

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW [Orchid Seed] - Yuki Review NSFW

Nendoroid Storage Container

I recently went on a trip to a magical place, The Container Store. Ok it's not really magical, but I happen to have discovered a love for organizing my home. I tend to prefer Ikea and Daiso but we went to The Container Store on a whim and I discovered this lovely storage container! I've been needing… [more]

Nendoroid Storage Container Nendoroid Storage Container

Taki Corporation 1/8 Hinagiku is Terrible!?!

I had my heart set on getting this figure when she was first announced but now it looks like I’m going to be staying far far away. I think i was a bit tricked to be honest with you, when she was first announced it was set to be made by Jun Planning but then Taki corporation took over. While I’m assuming it’s the same company like Good smile and Max Factory are, the only Jun Planning figure i have is amazing so i just assumed it would be just as awesome. But once deftoned told me he got his, i kept asking him to make a review on this figure. I was sadly disappointed in her quality. You can see Deftoned’s review at Tea Shop Beloved. And yes i did cancel this order upon reading his review. Sadly I’ve been super broke ever since Anime Expo, gas is so expensive and I’ve been driving on fumes for a while now. plus with taking the days off work for Anime Expo and now the days for this upcoming trip to Merida I’m not going to be able to afford Hinagiku any longer. Also i guess i should have realized this figure would have been terrible since Taki Corporation is also the same people who make these terrible figures.


4 Responses to “Taki Corporation 1/8 Hinagiku is Terrible!?!”

  1. deftoned says:

    It’s not a worthwhile figure…. unless you absolutely need to own it. :/ It’s gone back in the box, probably for good–it’s definitely lean from the heat around here.

    I hope you and Lulu enjoy those nice sandy beaches in Mexico. 😉

    deftoneds last blog post..Taki Corporation’s (disappointing) 1/8 Hinagiku

  2. Oh god that Taki corp. Hakufu is terrible!

    Pure Trance (Figured)s last blog post..HELP~! I Can’t Find Char Rhousemann (Shuraki)…ANYWHERE!

  3. srecd says:

    It’s almost as if they got together in the office and decided that Hinagiku was so popular that they didn’t even need to make any kind of effort to polish it up.

    “Crummy looking seams? Leave it be, the fans’ll still eat it up. Missed paint? Hey, that stuff’s expensive! Just let it go. C’mon, we gotta save some money here! I have to take the wife to Rio next month! *Chomps cigar*”

    The fact that the box is so generic that it looks as though it was taken directly from the set of “Repo Man” only goes to support this theory. I have the Maria figure as well, and while it’s certainly nothing spectacular (and her top and bottom halves don’t quite fit all the way together, rassinfrackin’ castoffable skirt…), it at least looks like they took some time to finish it, so long as you don’t look too closely at her waistline.

    I probably would’ve canceled this back then if I weren’t one of those unfortunate souls blinded by the “ZOMG Hinagiku!!!!!!11one” factor. At least now I can say that I’ve contributed to the Taki cigar fund.

  4. James says:

    Taki can’t do a figure correctly . My fav work from them is this one : “http://www.hlj.com/product/TKI55037”

    I would like to be it just to have to worst figure ever in my collection ^^

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