Our apartment – 2016 NSFW

It's been not only a long time since I've posted here, but it has been a long time since I shared photos of my place. The last time you guys saw where I lived I was still living at home with my parents. It was back in 2012, so easily 4 years ago you saw my collection. Now you can see not only has my… [more]

Our apartment – 2016 NSFW Our apartment - 2016 NSFW

[Alter] – Melty Review

So since I've moved into my new apartment I still hadn't set up my photography studio. Seems work has me busier than I thought I would ever be, however I took some time this past weekend to set up my studio so I could take some photos of my latest purchase, Alter's 1/8th Melty from Shining Hearts. Now… [more]

[Alter] – Melty Review [Alter] - Melty Review

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW

Pre-ordered this figure the moment she was released for pre-order. I needed for for multiple reasons, she's sexy/half naked, plus while she's not Sora she reminds me of Sora from Yosuga no Sora! But she's Yuki from Maid Yome and she's pretty amazing. The only issue is her adorable mouth really looks… [more]

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW [Orchid Seed] - Yuki Review NSFW

Nendoroid Storage Container

I recently went on a trip to a magical place, The Container Store. Ok it's not really magical, but I happen to have discovered a love for organizing my home. I tend to prefer Ikea and Daiso but we went to The Container Store on a whim and I discovered this lovely storage container! I've been needing… [more]

Nendoroid Storage Container Nendoroid Storage Container

Lelouch’s Mexican Vacation

Lelouch all packed up and ready for his Mexican Getaway! He had to fight with Asakura for her to lend him her bag. She pulled a knife out on him but in the end i think he just used his geass on her… Crazy old lelouch!

While he was excited about his upcoming trip he was also going to miss home.

Caught Lulu sitting around wondering why my dad was taking forever to park the car. I asked him if he was up for the trip since i know he’d miss his lovely ladies.

Lulu then told me not to worry that he’d be alright being away from them for a short time.

Lulu was a bit antsy during the flight, he wanted the window seat but since my dad is claustrophobic he had to take the middle seat between us.

At least he was able to listen to some music on my mp3 player. But he only wanted to listen to one song the entire trip.

As soon as we got to Mexico Lulu was quick to get into the mood! Too bad the sombrero was too big…

“Who needs the Zero Mask when i have this Sombrero!”

Once we got to Mexico he was so excited to see some of the sights! We got to Dzibilchaltun and he was so eager for photos. He’d never seen a pyramid before.

He really enjoyed it here, I think he enjoyed being able to climb up the Pyramid.

We got to the top and boy did he enjoy the view.

Lulu just wouldn’t stop talking about the view. He loved the plants and trees. Who knew that just a little while ago this guy was being all perverted

Lulu inviting me to sit with him and enjoy the lovely view.

It really was an amazing view from up here.

Lulu was being a Camera hog and only wanted me to take pictures of him here, I kept telling him we had to go already. My parents were about to leave us…

He just kept saying how the view was so awesome. I got it, awesome view, lets go!

He told me to just go and he’ll catch up with me, so i let him be.

Turns out he had some trouble getting down the pyramid without me. xD

I offered to help but he insisted on doing it himself.

Lulu then told me that he’d just get someone to be his helper during the trip since i was as he said “good for nothing.”

He later found some poor soul soon after to be his Official helper during the trip.

Turns out it was my dad that was the unlucky soul… I think he used his geass on my dad.

I ordered this Strawberry soda and Lulu told me he wanted to try it too.

Only thing is that he couldn’t get the straw into his mouth, must suck to be this small…

Next day we headed to Cancun, he was pretty excited about this trip!

At first he didn’t want to go into the water, he said he’d rather sit around and the enjoy the beach

He did find himself a nice cozy place to sit.

Enjoying the warm sand

Finally convinced him to go to the water, he didn’t get in but he did get awfully close! He was having fun playing on the rocks!

But then C.C. called him asking him if she could bring her some pizza hut, looks like she forgot he was out of the country…

Next day we headed to Chichen Itza, Lulu got my dad to let him sit up front with him. He also got my dad to let him car surf.

But then he got my dad to let him drive. I was a bit worried since Lulu didn’t have his license.

We were a all a bit afraid for our lives so we got him to just be the lookout for any animals that might cross the road.

We got to Chichen Itza and Lulu met up with some of the locals, he was surprised how short they all were. (what’s really funny is how the locals really are short. I’m 5’4″ and i was super tall compared to them!)

Then Lulu took a quick nap before we reached Chichen Itza. he wanted to buy this hammock but he had no way to carry it with him on the plane back 🙁

Chichen Itza, Lulu was impressed.

I think he really enjoyed seeing all these Mayan ruins.

Walking around with my dad as his tour guide.

Well that was lulu’s trip. He was sad to go but so excited to get back to his girls. He made me promise him that if i ever go to another place as cool as this that i take him with me. I think i just might take him with me from now on, it was a fun trip with him around.


17 Responses to “Lelouch’s Mexican Vacation”

  1. deftoned says:

    Awesome! Lulu had way too much fun it seems. When is he taking a vacation up to NorCal? I know of a certain Nanoha and a certain Fate that want to share a smoothie and a Polish dog with him.

    deftoneds last blog post..The music of Macross 7 in Macross Frontier

  2. Dorne says:

    Nice photography there. One question though: do they still allow the use of cameras during flights?

  3. Persocom-san says:

    Awesome pictures I had a blast looking at them and reading the story between. Great photography as well. Better call Orange to use his Geass-canceler on your dad lol.

    Persocom-sans last blog post..Wonfes Figma Wish Listing

  4. deftoned says:

    There’s teh sombrero!

    deftoneds last blog post..The music of Macross 7 in Macross Frontier

  5. Blowfish says:

    My shamelevel would be too high to carry him around^^

  6. super rats says:

    Lelouch and your dad seem to get along really well.

    super ratss last blog post..Kujibiki Unbalance v2

  7. Yukionna says:

    Lelouch had such an awesome trip!! I’m super jealous he got to take pictures off of Dzibilchaltun :'{ Great job capturing his vaca with some cool pics. There’s almost better than your own LOL!

    Yukionnas last blog post..Mikuru-chan has gone GOTH?!?!

  8. thenullset says:

    Awesome pictures. Makes me wish I did the same thing on the vacation I was just on.

    thenullsets last blog post..Aang the anti-Avatar

  9. otaku dan says:

    those are really good picture you have there of lelouch in mexico. so, many people in mexico did he controlled with the geass?

    otaku dans last blog post..Kaiju movies

  10. hiro says:

    now that’s funny! I’m dying here. I keep thinking of your parents in the background; what are the looks on their faces? the pyramids look amazing! thanks, DQ!

  11. katie says:

    This post made me smile:D great job!

    katies last blog post..Wishing for a Figma figure…

  12. louki says:

    So this is why you had some problems with your car, you let Lulu drive it ^^;

  13. Baka-Raptor says:

    Linking to your old posts left and right – who do you think you are, me?

    Baka-Raptors last blog post..The ShizNat in the Rye

  14. Dancing Queen says:

    now that would be an awesome post, lulu, nanoh and feito chan hanging out

    i have no clue if they “allow” them or not, but i used it anyways

    i don’t mind the geass since i can just get lulu to ask my dad for stuff when i want something ^_~

    @danny choo:

    i was worried about it at first, but people don’t see it as an “anime figure” but as a toy. And toys are much more accepted than anime figures i guess

    @super rats:
    my dad did have tons of fun helping me take pictures, some of the different poses were even his idea

    i was more focused on getting great pics of him than i was of getting pictures of myself sadly…

    you should at least try for next time. it’s pretty fun and people’s reactions aren’t as bad as one would think

    @otaku dan:
    well every time we had to pay to enter someone where he used it to get us in for free, plus all meals were free as well.

    my parents don’t mind really, they were excited about it really and are planning for the next lulu adventure! Maybe france next time!

    thanks i’m glad it didn’t make you cry

    maybe thats why! at least the car had insurance and we didn’t have to worry about paying for a new tire. But not like lulu couldn’t use his geass to make the bill go away ^_~

    idk, am i?

  15. super rats says:

    That’s cool your dad has a sense of humor and do stuff like that. Mine wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything remotely that amusing.

    super ratss last blog post..Otaku, Clothes and the Normal Life

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