Our apartment – 2016 NSFW

It's been not only a long time since I've posted here, but it has been a long time since I shared photos of my place. The last time you guys saw where I lived I was still living at home with my parents. It was back in 2012, so easily 4 years ago you saw my collection. Now you can see not only has my… [more]

Our apartment – 2016 NSFW Our apartment - 2016 NSFW

[Alter] – Melty Review

So since I've moved into my new apartment I still hadn't set up my photography studio. Seems work has me busier than I thought I would ever be, however I took some time this past weekend to set up my studio so I could take some photos of my latest purchase, Alter's 1/8th Melty from Shining Hearts. Now… [more]

[Alter] – Melty Review [Alter] - Melty Review

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW

Pre-ordered this figure the moment she was released for pre-order. I needed for for multiple reasons, she's sexy/half naked, plus while she's not Sora she reminds me of Sora from Yosuga no Sora! But she's Yuki from Maid Yome and she's pretty amazing. The only issue is her adorable mouth really looks… [more]

[Orchid Seed] – Yuki Review NSFW [Orchid Seed] - Yuki Review NSFW

Nendoroid Storage Container

I recently went on a trip to a magical place, The Container Store. Ok it's not really magical, but I happen to have discovered a love for organizing my home. I tend to prefer Ikea and Daiso but we went to The Container Store on a whim and I discovered this lovely storage container! I've been needing… [more]

Nendoroid Storage Container Nendoroid Storage Container

Megahouse Nico Robin

One of the few female figures to be found from these One Piece figure Figures. It’s obviously a shounen series, when the men are either outragous, badass are just plain silly and the women have pretty faces, large breasts and teeny frames! Don’t forget to leave a comment! The Giveaway is creeping up on us shortly!

I do love her eyes, That peircing blue, that sexy squint! To all those who have seen america’s next top model, she’s smizing! Smiling with her eyes! It’s amazing to see that much detail in the eyes when it’s a figure, she just oozes sexual appeal!

She does have a nasty hair line on her head, It struck me as odd that a figure that is so well detailed would have such a terrible obvious flaw, maybe they felt that with the hat you wouldn’t notice, but even still they could have done a better job.

And people complained of barbie having breasts too large and a waist that was too small! Look at these proportions, there is no way she’d be able to hold herself up at all! She’d fall over and break her back in an instant with that weight on her top half!

Maybe it’s the angle but it also does seem that the right one is larger than the left one.

Even my skinniest friend would look at this andsay she’s far too thin!

Still I love this coy little smile she has, It’s a “come over here big boy” kinda look. I hope i’m not mistaken on her appearance. I don’t know anything of One Piece, i’m just going based off her looks!

Not much junk in the trunk, the poor girl must only deal with men who like her for her face and bosom!

Without the hat that line on her head just is too much for me.

Lucky for her she comes with the hat, which is a very cute hat indead. The detailing on her is really well done, the pattern on her shirt, the tassles on her arm band, the folds in her pants, all work well. Other than the obvious of the hair line she’s a really awesome figure. Also another rarity is that she even has pants on! Most female figures are in skirts, bathing suits, underwear or nothing at all! It’s a nice change of pace with the over sexed figures of women we always see. Her proportions do bother me a bit but at the same time I don’t blame Megahouse but the One Piece character designers. Still there are more figure reviews to come, many more One Piece reviews, but if you’d like to see something different let me know, or do you want more One Piece now? Don’t forget to comment! Giveaway coming soon, and you have to be a frequent commentor to win! Check back often for new posts!

-Figure Info-
Manufactured by Megahouse
1/8 Scale
Initial release in October ’04 Re-release in July ’08
Price of 3,800 Yen

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52 Responses to “Megahouse Nico Robin”

  1. Flip says:

    One Piece has a very stylized art style, I don’t like Robin usually but I think this figure looks nice.

    • Dancing Queen says:

      I figured just as much with her overall body shape and her style

      • Flip says:

        hey thanks for fixing that, and is this figure from the Portrait of Pirates line? I’ve always wanted the Nami from that series but one that has pants but its always sold out.

        • Dancing Queen says:

          She is from that set and i know exactly which figure you’re talking about! she’s so Sexy! i have the other version where she’s in the purple shirt and white skirt for review but I’d love to get my hands on that other version! Also no problem on changing the typo ^^

  2. lostty says:

    Smizing indeed πŸ™‚

    Those are definitely some interesting proportions…

    • Dancing Queen says:

      I found it funny when i saw her and my first thought was how she was smiling with her eyes!

  3. KuroiTsubasa4 says:

    Haha, yeah, Robin is veeeeeeery skinny. I’m doing a cosplay of her, and I showed a reference picture of her to my friend whose response was “Dang, the girl is just boobs and a spine” πŸ˜› It’s just how Oda draws. He may draw his girls like Barbies, but his female characters are also a lot stronger, smarter, and more involved in the story than most shonen anime females. That’s one thing I love about One Piece, the girls kick a** rather than sit on the sideline.

    • Dancing Queen says:

      oh that’s always a plus then on the personality of the character, but i love you’re friend’s description of her!

  4. pyrogamer01 says:

    Robin’s face is the best part about this figure: her coy expression, her trademark straight nose! The body shape is definitely extreme, but that’s how Oda rolls. You kind of stop noticing as you read the manga, but, seeing it as a figure, the proportions are extreme! I’ve seen a Boa Hancock One Piece figure floating around and her shape is probably worse. Can’t wait for more One Piece figure reviews! Will Luffy be showing up soon?

  5. TheGeek says:

    The One Piece charter designs always seemed to me like some thing you would see in a fun house mirror.

  6. MG says:

    I do love her facial expression! Her eyes just show so much life and personality.

    But yeah, her proportions are pretty wild. πŸ˜€

    • Dancing Queen says:

      if her face wasn’t so awesome then she’d suck but it’s that face that draws you in!

  7. breeman says:

    Nice figure! I really like her face, and her hair too (if only she didn’t have that hair line!) Also, gotta love her rockin’ tits.

  8. Emma07 says:

    You need to read One Piece to know that female characters are more than pretty faces and big boobs. I hope you can review a Portgas D. Ace figure soon, heΒ΄s my fave character, but I like so much more his figure from Grandline Men made by Banpresto than the POP one.

  9. Phuong says:

    The hair line is glaring, but otherwise it’s a nice figure. Maybe I’m just saying that because Robin is one of my fave OP characters.

  10. agcpictures says:

    I actually have this fig somewhere in my garage… hope she wasn’t destroyed in the move. She was a bit of an impulse buy but based on your review, I’m glad I managed to get her. One Piece didn’t seem to be the kind of show I’d enjoy, but I did watch the first ep and it was quite fun. Need to catch up on the other 500 now. XD

    Must be nice to get samples, especially of older figs you might’ve missed out on! Kind of weird seeing a non-Yoko review on here, tho. ;D

  11. Jerok says:

    Nico Robin, now this figure of the P.O.P. line I do own. Sadly, among my whole P.O.P. collection this might be among the ones I like the least.

    I love the face, and it’s a perfect portrait of Nico Robin’s initial design. The thing is… where’s the ass!!!? And the waist!? :O They even bothered to add an “ass crack” on the latest prints but it just makes the…. uhhh… asslackness (what a pretty “word”) stand out even more. And it’s true that the author takes the hourglass lady figure to an extreme but I feel that this figure takes that half a step further… and took the lower part of the hourglass away.

    Nevertheless, I love all my figures, some more, some less. With this one being one of them, despite the flaws I see on her, what else can I say… I love it! xD

    I’ll be swimming in drool until Megahouse’s Strong World Nico Robin arrives. When that day comes I think… I… I’ll drown! D:

    • Dancing Queen says:

      I saw the images for that version and she really is awesome looking, i might have to try and get my hands on her for a review!

  12. Jisu-chan says:

    I don’t know much about Robin but I love the amount of detail in this figure of her, it is quite amazing!^^

  13. Rapunzel says:

    Megahouse always does such well detailed figures now <3 It's so nice πŸ˜€ Though every time I see One Piece character designs all I can think is how someone needs to sit those gals down and force them to eat something @.@ Lanky isn't bad but as you said her back should be broken with that kinda boobage! XDXD Great review <3

    • Dancing Queen says:

      I do like the character designs for the guys, but for the girls it’s so strange looking!

  14. Jase says:

    I agree that her proportions are weird. Her face is nicely sculpted and the hat definitely adds a nice touch but it’s the eyes that are captivating.

    So are you reviewing figures by series?

    • Dancing Queen says:

      for now i’ve got two series of figures to review, but i might change it up for the next review

  15. Blowfish says:

    I know jack about OnePiece except that the character designs are sometimes a little weird.She looks rather “normal” though.
    I dunno i find these One Piece figures lack detail compared to their QB Line but I guess you cant really compare goofy figures with sexy ones.

    • Dancing Queen says:

      the queen’s blade figures are in a class of their own, i have a few of those to review as well and they are just so oversexed it’s crazy

  16. ddh4mster says:

    Hrmmm very very skinny Robin there, and yeah you are right her ahem *that* is pretty big sizes and lacking of the other bottom side ^^;

    I really liked this figurine better with the Hat, w/o the hat its just seems something really missing. And of course Nico’s face is great here too

    However, I do have to say that the upcoming STRONG Ver. which might be a more justifiable portrayal of her and until then… I shall await the moment ^^v of review

  17. I LOVE Nico Robin, but I can’t stand this figure of her. Oda’s girls have always had odd bodies, but this figure’s proportions are completely whack. It’s a shame since she’s got such a lovely face. (Luckily there’s a MUCH better looking Robin figure coming out real soon. You should check that one out if you haven’t seen it yet.)

    I should also point out that this figure of Robin is based on her design during the Skypiea story arc. Of all her costumes I thought her Skypiea one was the worst. I don’t know why they didn’t choose one of her better outfits.

    • Dancing Queen says:

      maybe they are trying to do all the different outfits? I’m not entirely sure but i do notice that the outfits on these figures do change

    • Jerok says:

      By the time Megahouse started making this set of figures the story was set around the Skypiea arc. If you notice, most of the strawhat figure costumes come from that arc. (Sanji, Nami ver.2, Zoro, Chopper, Luffy rarely changes costume… And ‘Sogeking’ and Zoro were only introduced at the next arc). I really dislike those costumes too… but, it’s what we’ve got. There should be a Robin with her Water Seven costume. *-*

  18. Yami says:

    I know that One Piece girls have all some quite thin waist but it almost looks like if the figure is going to break at that part…

  19. Max Lingley says:

    I’m more excited about the new Robin figure coming out next month for the Strong world movie πŸ™‚

  20. stephanos Williams says:

    I like the nice scupting for Nico Robin

  21. Tofu says:

    As a fellow girl, I totally agree with you about the proportions. She’s so top heavy I think her spine would snap! Her waist is just ridiculous!

  22. lovelyduckie says:

    Robin isn’t the type of character that seduces others in the series, although she has a face/body that could win most hearts. In One Piece the women are the intellects of the crew, Robin is a genuis anthropologist and Nami is a genuis navigator. For a while she was the oldest member of the crew. I imagine the Strong World P.O.P Nico Robin will be a lot higher quality! I own (and love) this one but I REALLY look forward to her new figure!

  23. Rebecca says:

    Robin looks great! As a fan of One Piece, I might have to get everyone…..and live in a box because of it.

    Can we expect to see Brook or Ace sometime soon?

  24. Bruce says:

    at least the figure makers knew that so she’s not very heavy

  25. Figure Maniac Edwin says:

    Do you get to keep the review samples? Geez, I should make own blog. I do have quite a few older anime figures/statues that I could talk about that I think not too many people have. Blast from the past.

  26. Alex says:

    I just recently became a fan of One Piece and I cannot believe these figures from Megahouse were released


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